Enver Çolakoğlu, who is also known as Travma comes from Istanbul, Turkey. Since his early childhood, he was addicted to electronic instruments and music. When he was at highschool age, Travma, who got acquainted with Amiga, got closer to electronics and music. In 2000s he got influenced with Psychedelic/Goa pioneers. Besides with the aim of improving himself at computer stuff, he became one of the first graduates from BilgeAdam. This training helped him improve on computer and programming. He commenced to produce different types of electronic music, as an amateur, in 2004. He sped up his paces by getting the hang of a lot of music programmes in a short time. Thanks to the feelings that Travma reflected to his music, good tunes started to turn out. At the times when he filled up with profound feelings, Travma transfered them into his music and this led his track named "Zaman" to come out, which evoked different emotions and drew attention to him.Travma’s success became sensible both in Turkey and in abroad as well.

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