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Transatlantic is a progressive rock supergroup founded in 1999 by Neal Morse of Spock's Beard and Mike Portnoy of The Winery Dogs and Liquid Tension Experiment and formerly of Dream Theater. Other members include progressive rock veterans Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings) and Pete Trewavas (Marillion).


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    In the darkness of the night, only occasionally relieved by glimpses of Nirvana as seen through other people's windows, wallowing in a morass of self-despair made only more painful by the knowledge that all I am is of my own making ...
    When everything around me, even the kitchen ceiling, has collapsed and crumbled without warning. And I am left, standing alive and well, looking up and wondering why and wherefore.
    At a time like this, which exists maybe only for me, but is nonetheless real, if I can communicate, and in the telling and the bearing of my soul anything is gained, even though the words which I use are pretentious and make you cringe with embarrassment, let me remind you of the pilgrim who asked for an audience with the Dalai Lama.
    He was told he must first spend five years in contemplation. After the five years, he was ushered into the Dalai Lama's presence, who said, 'Well, my son, what do you wish to know?' So the pilgrim said, 'I wish to know the meaning of life, father.'
    And the Dalai Lama smiled and said, 'Well my son, life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?'
    In Held (Twas) in I  -  93,431 plays
    Some people think
    Think they have none
    They might as well stay down
    Running in circles
    Like bulls in a ring
    We All Need Some Light  -  159,171 plays
    On the road to anywhere, in a place that exists without time
    I met a girl who sang to me but her songs had no rhythm or rhyme
    I couldn't feel, I could not think but my my what a colorful blind
    As she sang in my mind
    Let the deal go down - ride that mystery train
    Mystery Train  -  85,283 plays
    The place she called home was high on a hill,
    way up in a big house under the trees
    Day's in the sun she's seen by the river,
    reading a book, feeding her dreams
    Now she's a loner, now she's a stoner, no one can touch her ...
    My New World  -  101,161 plays
    I: full moon rising
    In a state of fallen grace
    with a smile upon it's face, it came!
    full moon rising today
    Like a child but fully grown
    All of the Above  -  110,313 plays
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