The Wet Secrets


ONE WEEK. Lyle Bell of Shout Out Out Out Out/Whitey Houston and Trevor Anderson of The Vertical Struts joined forces to form a band. The challenge: one week from first rehearsal (Feb. 12, 2005) to debut performance (Feb. 19, 2005) with all new songs. They called in Kim Rackel, Donna Ball and Jeremy Nischuk. Seven days, ten songs, and 21 cases of Stella later, five people took to the stage at Seedy's in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and played for just over an hour to an enthusiastic, dancing crowd. On March 24, 2005, a document of their experiment was released to the public as "A Whale of a Cow" a ten song, original CD recorded late at night during that fateful week of writing and rehearsing.

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