The Tails


After years of writing and recording dozens upon dozens of songs in their home studio in Long Beach, CA, The Tails have begun their transition to the stage. With 60’s era influences, catchy hooks, and lyrics, The Tails arsenal of material is sure to raise ears. Founding members and cousins Craig and Michael Chambers began playing shows in Los Angeles after recently releasing their debut album, which was produced and engineered by Robb MacLean of Limbeck. The resulting tracks pair The Tails’ refreshing, yet pop based sound with influences of -- Ben Folds’ charm, Fountains of Waynes’ quirkiness , and The Kinks’ simplicity. Although there has been a certain degree of commitment-phobia when it comes to settling on fellow musicians to complete the live sound, The Tails have finally tied the knot on a permanent lineup so once you experience them live you will be hooked.

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