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The Stevenson Ranch Davidians

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A cult to follow, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians’ soulful sounds burrow into the hearts of their devoted and faithful followers. This four member band is fronted by Dwayne (lead singer, rhythm guitarist and lyricist) and accompanied by Jessica (bassist/organist) , Matt (lead guitars) and Bryan (drums), and lists musical inspirations and influences as diverse and as far reaching as their global following. The SRD’s manufacture catchy and sometimes dark tunes and have built upon the foundations of seasoned blues artists and the bands of the psychedelic eras, both past and present, to carve a niche unique to themselves and their generation—“When you’re in between everything, what does anything mean?” Existential concepts and thought is riddled throughout the entirety of their music, leaving the listener with the sense that they have company and comfort even when alone. They preach the gospel of a generation now at the helm. Unlike traditional cults and organized religion, the sermon is simple. Nature is the way. Our generation is spiritual and internal, yet we are the first without God. “You came in with a cry and you'll leave on a moan. You came in on this life, and you’ll leave all alone.” We take responsibility for the circumstances of our lives, for conventional wisdom has shown us only to place blame because of happenstance and disappointment. “And if you dream of beauty, love and freedom for us all—you have to realize that nature is the law.” And lastly, letting go of your “self” is a responsibility entrusted to humanity, for being lost is the human condition. It is a sermon that previous generations may find cold and dark as our fathers scratch their heads pacing the floors of their suburban homes pondering its significance, but truly, the message echoes the voice of a generation that is transfixed on realism and aware of the cruxes of life rather than a hope for a long-shot miracle. “We don’t know how it started; we don’t care how it ends. Who the hell needs a pardon when you don’t believe in sin?” The word of the SRD’s. Not lost in the message, is the underlying connotation of hope and solace. Rooted deeply in their music, is a clear appreciation of life’s peaks and lulls. The SRD’s hold steadfastly to the belief that even if life is nothing but a series of incidents and accidents, we are enabled by a divine spark to endure and best every swell. Having licensed their debut album to the German label “Beyond Your Mind Records”, the Davidians celebrated the release of “Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs” in May of 2007 in 16 E.U. nations. This band is all about digging life and giving thanks and praise to the people, places and things that make it such a soulful and extraordinary experience. “Well, here I am. I've found my place. My time is now in time and space. This big old world I was born to face, I’m gonna do it right. I'm gonna make it great.” This mass has ended. Go in peace.............M. Wesley


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