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The Robot Ate Me

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The Robot Ate Me has been the project of Ryland Bouchard since 2002 which has gone through many distinct phases incorporating aspects of folk, jazz, psychedelia, electronica, and avant-garde rock. He has been labeled by Daytrotter as “One of the most creative and potentially scary minds of our generation” and by Spin Magazine as "purely artistic, baffling, and almost completely uncommercial".


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    our bones were chalk twisting over the board, gentle and fragile, gentle and fragile your hands touched my plastic legs and still they felt cold, and still they felt cold my eyes were nothing when they closed... i asked you to be careful you pulled what you wanted away you pushed when you wanted to stay
    Our Bones Were Chalk  -  38,902 plays
    they ate themselves, sliding at the bottom silver and smooth wrapping around my toes i was properly dressed and prepared for what you had to say and what did you know anyways? and why were you so cruel? I was just trying to BE ALIVE...! so FUCK YOU i'll keep quiet next time, and I'll eat myself sliding around the b
    They Ate Themselves  -  34,561 plays
  3. Djien  -  21,222 plays
    You Smile something isn't right, your fingers are a taught rope almost snapping at my face something makes me empty you tore off my hand like a leaf it just turned toward the light but you SMILE. but you LAUGH. BUT YOU STARE. (and you looked away) something makes my shiver, your eyes were laced with ice and controlled the air around me i tried to stop the pulse but it kept moving i tried to stop the air but it was everywhere and you looked
    You Smile  -  26,774 plays
    i blinked and you were gone. everyone around me was dead. everyone around me was dead. i looked out the window and asked if i was alone, but the air was still, the air was still! (i guess that's why i was scared because i thought you might be too) i searched through bodies, but only found change everyone i thought was alive tried to kill me i ran, but never fast enough i fell, but never hard enough everyone everywhere was
    Everyone Was Still  -  27,711 plays
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