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The Mr. T Experience

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The Mr. T Experience are a punk-pop band from Berkeley, California who formed in the 1980s. Taking their name from professional wrestler, bouncer-turned-actor and television personality Mr. T, The Mr. T Experience, or "MTX", create primarily pop-punk music featuring a mixture of comedic, satirical, and romantic lyrics. They emerged from the same Gilman Street Project/Lookout! Records pop-punk scene that also produced other notable acts, including Green Day and Operation Ivy.


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    I still haven't found a girlfriend though I've tried a lot so can you help me please it's tougher than I thought. The odds are pretty good but the goods are pretty odd still at this point I'd take anything you've got. You see this all the time nice girls in love with jerks what could they be thinking tell me how it works. If I've got some problems well I wouldn't be the first but the ones I have in mind are even worse and even Hitler had a girlfriend who he could always call who'd always be there for him in spite of all his faults. He was the worst guy ever reviled and despised even Hitler had a girlfriend so why can't I? life is full of contradictions hard to understand and for every happy woman there's a lonely man. Nixon had his puppy Charles Manson had his clan but God forbid that I get a girlfriend. Even Hitler had a girlfriend who he could call his own to sweeten days of bitterness and feeling all alone. I'm not as bad as Hitler but it doesn't mean a thing since they'd rather be with Hitler more than me I don't see why they'd rather be with Hitler more than me.
    Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend  -  38,254 plays
    Ba ba ba ba ba...My life till now has been filled with doubt here I am
    because there's no other place I can go but I can see you're a lot like
    me so maybe you know somewhere people like us can go where we won't get
    kicked out cause we've got a lot to talk about after years of research I
    think I've figured it out: it's the little things that get you down it's
    Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba  -  25,209 plays
    Miracles and lucky charms made the girl of my dreams the girl in my arms. Push will come to pull tonight and I'll have my hands full tonight and everything'll be real all right because she's coming over tonight.
    I'm gonna shave off my beard. And I'll try not to act to weird. Then I'm gonna kiss her tenderly, so don't ask her if she's free. She won't be she'll be with me because she's coming over tonight.
    Everyone makes fun of me. They do it right in front of me. They don't think someone shy like me could get a girl like that to like a guy like me. But now she's standing at my door. She's who I've been waiting for, so don't feel sorry for me anymore because she's coming.
    Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! We won't tell a soul tonight cause our mouths will be full tonight and talking with your mouth full isn't polite. All right. She's coming over tonight.
    She's Coming (Over Tonight)  -  15,090 plays
    I've been up all night and down all day because we're such a good couple
    but you're so far away. What you are is the best and that's nothing less
    than the one I wanna waste the rest of my whole life with. Yes indeed,
    you're guaranteed to everything I'll ever need. I'm wasting my life away
    and I know I'll be sorry one day. But all I ever wanted to do is this
    I Just Wanna Do It With You  -  19,156 plays
    My new girlfriend is better than you she's got bigger breasts and a higher IQ and she always knows which fork to use and she doesn't always have some lame excuse she's a-wigglin' and a-gigglin' and a-bakin' a pie and I can tell by the look in her eye that she's never gonna make me have to wonder why and we're gonna have a hell of a time she's better than you when she's with me and we're hanging around we sit and talk about how you let me down and how you always used to make that annoying sound and how you sure could stand to lose a few pounds so I really hope you're happy with the way it turned out cause you made a fool of me but who's laughing now who's laughing now and who's laughing not HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA she's better than you my new girlfriend is better than you she's got higher breasts and a bigger IQ.
    New Girlfriend  -  12,991 plays
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