The Legendary Pink Dots

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The Legendary Pink Dots are a Netherlands-based band formed in August 1980 in the UK who, although distinctly underground, have been musically influential over the years. The band name was derived from pink dots of nail varnish on the piano in their squat, where founding members Edward and April lived. The band has as its focal point vocalist Edward Ka-Spel, who is, along with Phil "The Silverman" Knight, one of the original remaining members of the band. In the mid eighties the band resettled in the Netherlands, where they still reside today. Apart from Edward and Phil, the line-up has gone through many changes. Members such as Ryan Moore, a Canadian bass player, who joined in 1991 after the recordings of the Last Man to Fly with the Tear Garden (he joined as a session musician), went on to form their own labels and musical projects. See Twilight Circus and M Records. Their music is nothing if not original and it is difficult to categorise, but comparisons may be drawn with bands like Pink Floyd and Can.


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    I watched you in your tragic beauty walk beneath my window.
    Eyes aimed high, but unfocused . . . . sure, you never noticed me.
    You always wore the same dress; always bore the same
    expression: "It's a loveless world so what's the point of looking?
    Let it be . . ." I considered throwing roses--thought I'd maybe
    I Love You in Your Tragic Beauty  -  70,991 plays
    Gieogi najil anha nareul barabodeon nunbit
    Ttatteutago pogeunhaetdeon ne pumdo
    Eonjebuteonga urin seororeul allyeo haji anko
    Algo sipeohajido anhasseotji
    Byeonhaeganeun uri moseube
    Disturbance  -  44,882 plays
    Chasing the carrion, we watched the silver bird explode. We tiptoed
    through the barrier of smoke and took a hand, but found it unconnected. We
    were dining on the wreckage - white napkins round our necks, we took our
    plastic spoons and ate. We ate until we couldn't move, 'til sunset turned
    the desert red and startled souls ascended to Oblivion.
    Pennies for Heaven  -  44,471 plays
    New martyrs swinging in the wind. The dead eyes searching for messiahs in
    The stars. The bodies carrying the scars of no confession, no concession.
    No sympathy. The laughter from the front row buzzing loudly now in bars,
    Over chicken in a basket, in the darkest corners of the Central Station.
    Passing round the spirit that drove Rommel to his desert hole, smashed
    Third Secret  -  35,120 plays
    We will sow the seeds together. We shall feed the fertile ground. We will
    wait then we shall gather fruits to feed our hungry mouths. We'll feast,
    we'll toast the one who sends the storm, who shapes the corn. We line the
    circles. In the Fall, we fall... Come the dawn he'll strech his hands
    and take the last born to the land beyond our tidy tidy lawns, and no, no
    The Grain Kings  -  34,105 plays
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