The Highwaymen

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    Willie Nelson:
    I was a highwayman
    Along the coach roads I did ride
    With sword and pistol by my side
    Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade
    Highwayman  -  485,432 plays
    (Nelson, 1st line; Kristofferson, 2nd line; Jennings, 3rd line; Cash 4th line)
    I taught the weepin' willow how to cry, cry, cry
    And I showed the clouds how to cover up a clear blue sky
    And the tears I cried for that woman, are gonna flood you, big river
    And I'm gonna sit right here until I die
    Big River  -  112,820 plays
    I played the Red River Valley
    And he'd sit out in the kitchen and cry
    An' run his fingers through 70 years of livin'
    An' wonder Lord, as ever, will that drill run dry?
    Desperados Waiting For A Train  -  89,332 plays
    I am a shotgun rider for the San Jacinto line,
    The desert is my brother, my skin is cracked and dry.
    I was riding on a folk coach and everything was fine,
    'Til we took a shorter road to save some time.
    The bandits only fired once, they shot me in the chest.
    American Remains  -  104,906 plays
    I'm gonna steal me a silver stallion,
    with not a mark upon his silky hide
    Teach me he can trust me like a brother,
    one day we'll saddle up and ride
    And we're gonna ride,
    Silver Stallion  -  95,880 plays
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