The Colours of Swedish Lapland



Coming of age is a significant point in people's lives. Turning eighteen is something to celebrate. Two real men then decided, in the deepest and darkest of the Swedish Laplandic forests, to honour this occasion by recording some of the most modern Krautrock that could possibly be created. All this for one young boy, who wanted to be the strongest one in school, but never succeeded. His hair was once long, and then cut short in the "estet" look. His biceps were of mentionable size, but he would never use his strength to beat people other than in self-defence. But even then, he liked it more to defend himself using a wooden stick, something that no one could ever understand. He was a boy concerned with his health, and thus, he stopped drinking hard liquor after being visited by the evil dragon seven times a horrible, gloomy night in Bavaria. Anyway, then in the night between April 29th and April 30th of 2007 The Colours of Swedish Lapland project was initiated by the recording of their first EP, "Renskav". The band for now consists of Vilhelm Thunberg and Jesper Prytz. Sometime in the future they intend to expand, invite more members in their musical collective, and release the energy of their music by playing live.

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