The Colour Elect



Formed in Los Angeles in late 2008 by lead-singer Josef Gordon, originally from Houston, Texas, and guitarist Kellen Mills of San Jose, California, the duo became a trio when they invited Canadian drummer Robb Hutzal into the mix. The three musicians felt an instant musical and personal chemistry and in the span of about four short months, managed to write 12 songs together. Moving at such lightning speed, and quickly developing a heavily guitar driven sound, the boys recruited good friend, guitarist Chris Wrate, hailing from Wisconsin, who eagerly jumped on-board. One final component was still obviously missing, so in the summer of 2009 The Colour Elect brought on bassist Leo B., originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, to complete the rhythm section; and thereby finalizing the band’s roster. The Colour Elect are eager to share their fresh new sound with the world. And as cliché as that may seem, the truth is this multi-national group of friends aim to stand out in the crowd, with their distinct look, not so typical rock sound, bold lyrics, and soaring anthemic melodies, they’re sure to rock the world with the many “Colours” of their musical taste.

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