The Band V


Originating from the streets of the US East Coast, V was created in 2005 by singer songwriter Vin Colella, guitar player Dan Lerro and keyboardist Bob Stanfield. Later recruiting drummer Alan Hoke and bass player Steve Janks, the name V was decided on to show the unimportance of a band name (example..The Goo Goo Dolls) and how the music can and should stand on it's own. Fans quickly started putting two fingers up at V concerts in the shape of the peace sign, and after lead vocalist Colella started taking certain public political stances, (the creator of the original Woodstock 69 and former VP of Capitol Records) Artie Kornfeld took notice. Kornfeld then saw V's first independently directed video "Breakdown" and instantly signed Colella to a management contract. Colella and Kornfeld saw eye to eye on several issues as well as the way to approach V's debut release "Revolution Street" independently. Even though V's material has a very commercial element to it, Colella and the V crew go on record as not subcribing to the "cookie cutter" method of making an album the way it has been made in recent years.

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