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The Auteurs

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Unfairly dismissed as the egotrip of acclaimed songwriter Luke Haines, The Auteurs were one of the unsung bands of the mid-nineties Britpop movement. Releasing their first record, New Wave, in 1993, the Auteurs were compared to Suede, and the resurgent glam-rock movement, and began to amass a reasonable cult following. 1994's second album, and commercial highlight, Now I'm A Cowboy, saw the band embracing at times a more contemporary sound, notably on the single Lenny Valentino, which probably remains Haines' best-known song. Now I'm A Cowboy was marked out by sprawling guitar lines as much as by Haines' inimitable lyrics, a kind of visceral social commentary. While touring this album in 1995, Haines jumped off a fifteen-foot wall, breaking both ankles, resulting in his being in a wheelchair for the rest of that year, recording the starker, angrier third album After Murder Park, most notable for the ballad-like lead single Unsolved Child Murder, released for Christmas at Haines own bidding. Following this, Haines took time out to work on other projects such as Black Box Recorder and Baader Meinhof, reforming the Auteurs in 1999 for the release of the mostly overlooked final album, How I Learned To Love The Bootboys.


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    There were mourners on the street of every shape and size
    The motorcade came down from Redondo
    Assassins on the corner tried to throw you a line
    You dirty-mouth comic Rodolfo
    Lenny Valentino reside
    Lenny Valentino  -  87,041 plays
    For my bride
    Thought my life
    would be right
    Took her bowling
    got her high
    Show Girl  -  61,138 plays
    People 'round here
    Don't like to talk about it
    Presumed dead, unsolved child murder
    Since they dragged the lake
    You know they seemed au-fait
    Unsolved Child Murder  -  41,834 plays
    Junk shop clothes will get you nowhere
    They're out of season, betrayal without treason
    Junk shop clothes will get you nowhere
    There is one reason why your mother was a seamstress
    Chaime Soutine never spent a thrift shop dime in his life
    Junk Shop Clothes  -  40,748 plays
    Your star is descending
    'Round here blindly
    Tell your dancing daughter
    That there's no room on the wing
    We can bitch
    Bailed Out  -  36,970 plays
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