The Age Of Sound

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How do you describe the Age of Sound? As an indie-rock monster? No, monster sounds so negative…indie-rock? Too general... indie-rock-brit-pop-beatles-oasis-sound-connecting-mod-happening-on-eight-legs? It’s a whole lot easier to describe a nice tasty red apple than this band from Hamburg/Germany that was founded five years ago. Over the last twelve months Oliver „Hazel Brown“ Vogel (vocals, guitar), Sebastian Gätcke (guitar), Hauke „Wix“ Winkler (bass, cello) and Stefanie „Miss Schmiss“ Cordes (drums) had about 30 cheered gigs and made it to the Northern Gemany Final of the Emergenza Festival, the biggest newcomer festival in the world. Besides that they provided the soundtrack to a couple of short movies. But the best way to describe the Age of Sound is probably through their music. You like loud British sounding guitars? Then you should give the Age of Sound a listen! You like catchy tunes that never get out of your head again? The Age of Sound! You like funfair-techno?… Have fun at the fair!


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  1. On a Sunday  -  2,817 plays
  2. Goodbye  -  1,464 plays
  3. Bone Idle  -  1,337 plays
  4. Son Of A Gun  -  1,213 plays
  5. Story of My Life  -  1,285 plays
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