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Tarrus Riley born Omar Riley in Bronx, New York, is a promising reggae singer and songwriter. His early years were spent in music studios and traveling the world with his dad. He picked up something special along the way. He is a songwriter of uncommon intelligence, breadth with a deft touch. His emotional and spiritual IQ matches his heartfelt sincerity. As a singer, his vocal style is reassuring. It conveys his every mood, concern and context eloquently. His songwriting is bold, yet definitive, passionate and authentic, without being strident or overly militant. Except for the same surname, Tarrus, while clearly not possessing his famous father's voice with its sharp edge, is content musically to create his own legacy.


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  1. She's Royal  -  114,678 plays
    yeah heeey
    (verse 1)
    We've been together for a while now
    growing stronger everyday now
    Stay With You  -  41,643 plays
    Beware for the Shottas dem strap
    rastaman ah tell di youths dem fill low di Glock
    Beware now dat cause heart attach and dem nuh care(no ooo)
    Its a shame to see brothers killing themselves
    Beware  -  27,538 plays
  4. Lion Paw  -  24,393 plays
    Hey! We got it going on
    Hey-ey-ey! We got it going on.
    No separating, me and my ladi.
    We firm as the rock of Gibraltar, and mountains around Hi-rusalem.
    You labor in vain if yuh try tobring us pain cuz youll neva will
    Something Strong  -  18,932 plays
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