Tapping the Vein

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November 1995, Drummer Eric Fisher, frustrated with previous projects began writing on his own. He discovered blending dark alt-rock songwriting with innovative programming would help him become a more creative songwriter, rather than being a conventional rock band. He then dubbed the project Tapping The Vein. Eric brought his ideas to guitarist/songwriter Steve Stegg and bassist Lou Louvenir. He began a search for a vocalist and found the perfect match, Heather Thompson. In May 1996, They recorded their first ep and released it independently.


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    What am I?
    I wish I was a butterfly
    I'd fly and fly
    Until it was my time to die
    It's creeping in again,
    Butterfly  -  54,929 plays
  2. Trader Boy  -  23,797 plays
    Please, I don't hear what you're saying
    It all sounds like mud to me
    There's a man here, I've seen his face
    He's sure I'll recognize him
    And he's breathing all his hate on me
    Beautiful  -  34,876 plays
    The Ledge
    I am tired
    I am drained
    I don't sleep for days
    Immersed in the drama
    The Ledge  -  30,211 plays
    I will be broken
    Oh oh oh
    Seven hours passed on your floor
    Like nothing's wrong
    When they finally broke down the door
    Broken  -  32,928 plays
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