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Tanya Donelly (born July 14, 1966, in Newport, Rhode Island) is an American singer/songwriter and guitarist based in New England who cofounded Throwing Muses with stepsister Kristin Hersh, then went on to work in The Breeders and Belly in the 1990s. In the late 1990s, she settled into a solo recording career, working largely with musicians connected to the Boston music scene.


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    Do I look like a liar?
    Do I look like a liar to you?
    Fighting crime in this town brings a girl down
    makes a body sink so low...
    And I sink pretty deep
    Pretty Deep  -  23,617 plays
    (T. Donelly / D. Fisher)
    In the beginning my love was fierce
    One heart stopped and another started
    I flashed my eyes, cracked wise and left them dry
    Now I sit with my babe at my breast
    The Night You Saved My Life  -  17,124 plays
    You accuse me of fancy talk
    When i'm just trying to find my words
    You've got a funny way of saying my name
    Like i just ripped it off
    These whiskey tango ghosts
    Whiskey Tango  -  18,287 plays
    Stone cold this warm bed again
    Wide awake and waiting for them
    I send my shadow running on ahead again
    See I wait, I wait and
    I'm waving in my beautiful friends
    The Bright Light  -  16,838 plays
    I'm an angel dark, darker than loam
    Come to steer your runaway home
    I'm a moonbeam monkey on spec
    Come to bring your strange kid back
    No one saw him gimpy going round the bend
    Moonbeam Monkey  -  12,583 plays
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