Talco's project starts off within December 1999 and January 2000 as a politic ska-core band composed of Tomaso (vocals + guitar), Daniele (guitar) and Nicola (drums). During their first period Rocco (guitar) takes over in while Daniele begins to play bass: the most important arrival is, though, the one of Riccardo at the trumpet. With him the band starts playing around, starting with a ska festival, in Lugo di Romagna (Ravenna., Italy). 11 live tracks are recorded in the month of October 2000 as a first raw demotape, followed in April 2001 by a studio recording (Lesder Studio, Mogliano Veneto): the 6 songs include the first year of the band, directed to a combat ska-punk, rappresented by bands like Clash, Banda Bassotti, Arpioni, Senza Sicura, Los Fastidios, Derozer, etc... In the same month Rocco, far from the band's ideals, leaves the band and Emanuele, old friend, politically and musically well syntonized with the rest of the group, takes his place. In the same period the wind section grows bigger, with Ilaria (tenor sax) and Davide (alto sax). This is the beginning of two years of concerts and socio-political interest. Here are some memories: Ponte nelle Alpi (Belluno): Talco open Alberto Camerini'show, playing a new song, "Tutti Assolti", written to protest against the absoved people of the "Petrolchimico" of Marghera, where 160 workers died bacause of the factories' pollution. They entertain the audience (300 people) for a hour, closing with the eternal "Bella Ciao".

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