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TKA is a Latin Freestyle/Dance-pop trio prominent in the 1980s and early 1990s, mainly in Freestyle hotbeds such as New York City and Miami, Florida. Its members were Tony Ortiz, Louis "Kayel" Sharpe, and Angel "Love" Vasquez, and the initials TKA represent their collective initials. All of TKA's members are of Puerto Rican descent. Many Freestyle fans consider them "the Kings of Freestyle", although Kayel resents this label, saying that "There are no 'kings' in Freestyle."


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    Remember when we said goodbye
    I wiped my tears, you didn't cry
    We both said things we didn't mean
    Reaching for the hope, but caught between the screams
    And I would try to calm you down
    Louder Than Love  -  20,487 plays
    Lately, I have noticed a change in me
    I'm not restless as I used to be
    And there's so many things I want to do,
    But only with you
    'Cause now that I've found what i'm
    You Are The One  -  19,267 plays
    She was fine, the girl was from the projects
    She had long brown hair and a body beyond compare
    She had a boyfriend, a drug dealer
    But I didn't mind, cause she wanted to be with me
    So we have to set her free
    Maria  -  11,705 plays
    Come get my love (3x)
    Come get my love, please don't hesitate
    Come get my love, tomorrow is too late
    One more chance to give you girl all my love tonight
    Come get my love before I walk outside
    Come Get My Love  -  9,159 plays
    Hey girl, this love affair that we got going has me so confused
    My temperature is quickly growing
    I believe it's true that this casual affair has turned to love
    And girl, I know just what you're feeling and I think it's plain to see
    You got my senses reeling, tell me could this really be
    Tears May Fall  -  7,605 plays
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