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T-Bone Burnett (born Joseph Henry Burnett) is perhaps best known as a producer of other artists, such as Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Counting Crows, The Wallflowers, Los Lobos, Gillian Welch, Kris Kristofferson, Cassandra Wilson, Elvis Costello, Autolux, and his ex-wife Sam Phillips. He is known for very natural-sounding productions. In his solo work, he is a respected, if quirky, singer/songwriter. He has also worked on the soundtracks of several films by the Coen Brothers (including the very successful O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, which won him a Grammy Award), as well as Cold Mountain and Walk the Line.


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    Accentuate the positive
    Destroy all the negatives
    Before the black mass media
    Get a hold of them
    Boy's been sniffing that frog powder
    Zombieland  -  28,783 plays
    Frank who was swank robbed a bank with a tank for a prank
    Sam who was glam ran a scam from Siam to Viet Nam
    Dean who was clean had a scene with the queen for a magazine
    Joe wasn't slow but didn't know how to blow all the dough from the show
    Palestine Texas Palestine Texas
    Palestine Texas  -  27,380 plays
    We come from a blue planet light years away
    Where everything multiples at an amazing rate
    We're out here in the universe buying real estate
    Hope we haven't gotten here too late
    We're humans from earth
    Humans From Earth  -  24,175 plays
    When all the ladies Heard that he was dead
    Some wore orange dresses And some wore red
    When all the ladies Heard that he had died
    He could hear them wailing All the way on the other side
    Police officer walked onto the plan
    There Would Be Hell To Pay  -  17,638 plays
    I never been closer and I never been farther away
    I never been closer and I never been farther away
    I might say something or I might have nothing to say
    Love I feel seven times hotter than fire
    Love I feel seven times hotter than fire
    Seven Times Hotter Than Fire  -  13,795 plays
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