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Swollen Members was founded in the mid-1990s by Vancouverites Mad Child, Prevail and Moka Only. Having begun a solo career while living in San Francisco, California, Mad Child returned to Vancouver for some work. There he met Prevail and Moka Only, working as partners and making a name together on Canada's West coast hip hop community. The trio saw each other's abilities, thought they heard opportunity knocking, and joined together under the name Swollen Members. Soon after, however, Moka Only decided he wanted to pursue a solo career and left the group.


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    You can see me on the top you can see when we drop
    You can meet me on the block, we'll stop and talk
    We do not get thrown we don't stop
    Whether or not we up on top, we still rock
    Pressure  -  117,208 plays
    What begins with an 'a' and ends with "asphyxia"?
    Me, Prev One, the microphone cripple
    A life on the edge of the walking dead
    You either talk in black or you speak in red
    Deep End  -  101,608 plays
    Mad Child:
    My motorcycle rings are flooded
    I'm star studded
    You motherfuckers not going to be able to cut it
    Listen bitch, I'm a tough act to follow
    Watch This  -  89,401 plays
    Swollen Members gunna make us stop
    Take a minute and remember who takes the top
    To the critics and the civils your time is up
    Just admit it everybody knows this crime is up, it's hot shit
    Swollen Members gunna make us stop
    Fuel Injected  -  75,165 plays
    Ever heard of Vertigo? Well ain't no way else to go
    Prevail knows the faculties, our poison lay you vertical
    It's only murder for every small animal committed
    The only difference is I won't admit I did it
    Lady Venom  -  64,400 plays
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