Swingin' Utters

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Swingin' Utters is an American punk rock band that formed in the late 1980s. Having begun in Santa Cruz, California, the band moved to San Francisco where they are now based. They have been signed to Fat Wreck Chords since 1996.


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    Five lovely lessons learned today
    Coating my throat with the dust of a new day
    As the saints pray their lonely way
    Their dead weight lays the passion to waste
    If I sew my heart on my sleeve
    Five Lessons Learned  -  260,241 plays
    Well I've been to town down every road and back
    Drank all the pubs bone-dry in seconds flat
    Been to holes in walls and bathroom stalls from the states to foreign parts
    And I'm always left with sickness in my heart
    So I'm comin' back to you
    Back to You  -  39,820 plays
    Some sang their songs
    like flying on uppers
    so sweet and smug
    that I lose my supper
    some mumble psalms
    Glad  -  41,432 plays
    Cigarette Ashes
    And tickets to free dinners
    A buck bottle of wine
    Under a minute of my time
    I'll give you all that I have, son
    Stupid Lullabies  -  39,063 plays
    I was a city baby raised on a well worn street
    My daddy hated it because of it's fame
    I never noticed really I was too young at the time
    To care about the history in it's name
    Some years go by and they move me to the sticks
    Pills & Smoke  -  31,730 plays
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