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Sweet (referred to as The Sweet on albums before 1974 and singles before 1975) were a popular 70s-era British rock band. Although largely known for their glam rock image, having outlandish costumes on and off the stage, and several hit singles— many of them being so-called teenage anthems— Sweet also released several acclaimed albums in their initial ten year career. The extent of the band's domination of the European charts resulted in eight number one singles in Germany, Sweet playing upbeat pop songs such as "Co Co", "Little Willy", and "Wig Wam Bam".


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    oh, it's been getting so hard
    Livin' with the things you do to me, ah-ha
    My dreams are getting so strange
    I'd like to tell you everything I see, mm
    Oh, I see a man at the back as a matter of fact
    Ballroom Blitz  -  1,021,922 plays
    I don't wanna know your name
    'Cause you don't look the same
    The way you did before
    Okay, you think you got a pretty face
    But the rest of you is out of place
    Fox on the Run  -  619,372 plays
    Ahh Ahhh, Ahh Ahhh
    You better beware, you better take care
    You better watch out if you've got long black hair
    Keep looking behind, you'll go out of your mind
    You better not go, you never know what you'll find
    Blockbuster  -  223,705 plays
    Love is like oxygen
    You get too much, you get too high
    Not enough and you're gonna die
    Love gets you high
    Love is like oxygen
    Love Is Like Oxygen  -  201,133 plays
    North side, east side
    Little Willy, Willy wears the crown, he's the king around town
    Dancing, glancing
    Willy drives them silly with his star shoe shimmy shuffle down
    Way past one, and feeling allright
    Little Willy  -  185,016 plays
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