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In July 2009 Sweet Billy Pilgrim frontman Tim Elsenburg was busy with his day job when his mobile rang. Kneeling on the floor of a broken-down toilet with one hand down a U-bend, he fished his phone out of his back pocket and answered a call telling him that his band’s second album ‘Twice Born Men’ had just been nominated for a Mercury Music Prize. On that day, his life changed.


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    Every night I’d tell myself that I’d had enough, that I’d pack it in and settle down. Every morning I’d wake up, crawl back into the car and drive. I thought “Why not? Why not keep driving, There’s no reason to stop”. I was on the road for 13 months in all, I covered just about the whole of the United States. It wasn’t the places I went to were important, it was the drive. The feeling you get when you’re going fast along an empty highway and everything is flashing past. You know nothing last longer than a moment, nothing to hold you back or weigh you down. When I was driving nothing could hurt me. Then I met you.
    Here It Begins  -  15,074 plays
    Out here amongst the spit and hiss
    Of dreams all black and pistol whipped
    They crawl towards the morning with a sigh
    With easy grace and needy hands
    They murdered love’s sweet circumstance
    Truth Only Smiles  -  14,228 plays
    He wipes clean slates
    The tearful diplomat who negotiates
    The end of all beginnings
    Hapless and humble now
    He stumbles from a building putting fires out
    Bloodless Coup  -  12,596 plays
    Friend – rouse yourself
    Cause the tide has carried me away
    There are fraying and knotted ropes for me to blame
    But we know better
    Why I am all at sea again
    Future Perfect Tense  -  11,653 plays
    The tide will tug at my hips
    And the salt will dry upon my collar
    I'll have splinters for oars
    And I'll break her heart in fourteen places
    She'll make light of it all
    Kalypso  -  11,146 plays
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