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Suzi Quatro (born Susan Kay Quatro, June 3, 1950, Detroit, Michigan) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, radio personality, and actress. Suzi grew up in the States, experiencing the rock and roll revolution as it happened. She became an icon of the 70s glam rock era with her 'bad girl' image that went on to influence other female acts that arose in her wake, including The Runaways and L7. Known as "The Wild One" for her song of the same name, Suzi has prominently played the American originals of songs only meekly covered by British artists and many original rock classics, songs not allowed to escape onto the British airwaves of her airwaves due to the BBC's control.


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    Can the Can
    Well you call your mama tiger
    And we all know you are lying
    And your boyfriend's name is eagle
    Can the Can  -  177,314 plays
    Well, I've seen you before on that discotheque floor
    You were driving me out of my mind
    But I could have swore that I saw something more in your eyes
    Although you were surrounded by beauty unbounded
    Your glance was intended for me
    If You Can't Give Me Love  -  164,553 plays
    Well you got the hands of a man and the face of a little boy blue-ue
    And when you stand you're so grand there's a case just for looking at you-oo oo-oo
    You're so young, you could have been the devil's son
    You're so young, but like a hang up I'll be sad when you're old and you're gone
    Watch Out!
    48 Crash  -  125,994 plays
    Hey, you all want to go down to Devil Gate Drive?
    Well, come on
    Welcome to the dive
    Well, at the age of five they can do their jive
    Down in Devil Gate Drive
    Devil Gate Drive  -  108,816 plays
    All my life I've wanted to be somebody and here I am
    I know what I've got and there ain't nobody
    Gonna take it away from me
    So let me tell ya what I am
    I'm a red hot fox, I can take the knocks
    The Wild One  -  117,158 plays
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