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Suffocation is an American death metal band originating in New York. The band formed in 1988 and approached this genre in their own style, revolving around heavy, uniquely rhythmic riffs and even deeper growling vocals and breakdowns to create a sub-genre of the form often termed "brutal" death metal - also known by many as "New York Death Metal," or "NYDM" for short. Other New York death metal bands that soon after followed in the footsteps of Suffocation's style include Immolation, Incantation, Deathrune, Morpheus Descends, Infester and many others.


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    Exhume the wretched body from it's timeless slumber.
    Thrashing the tomb to reveal what's inside.
    A maggot infested corpse stares dismal.
    Inhabited by worms chewing holes through your carcass.
    These ancient lands beckoned the burial of humans.
    Infecting The Crypts  -  232,861 plays
    Forced into your mind, passed down through the centuries
    Cultures will collide, holy wars for what?
    Holy book of God, holy book of lies
    Chanting scriptures in vain, hoping to allow to rest
    Hopeful peaceful life, compassion all but gone
    Liege of Inveracity  -  168,214 plays
    Your entire life, your religion is embedded in your mind.
    Words spoken from a book, tell you never to change.
    After death you a taught, your soul will cleansed.
    But even reduced to ashes, the misery still prevails.
    The day has finally come for you to be put to rest.
    Jesus Wept  -  153,484 plays
    Torn away from my state of being, chosen to be forgotten.
    Unspeakable pain as I leave this solid structure.
    As the earth becomes smaller, I reach a new plane.
    One so distant from where I was conceived.
    A heaping mass of fear is what we hold dear.
    Effigy of the Forgotten  -  152,679 plays
    An open book, a will of life
    A Gathering of sorts
    Strings pull the chord
    Contusions unfold
    Beneath the dermal layers
    Abomination Reborn  -  148,169 plays
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