Street Talk


STREET TALK, essentially mentored by former SHAPE keyboard player Fredrik Bergh, deal in unashamed, polished AOR. STREET TALK’s 1997 debut ‘Collaboration’ witnessed a core band unit comprising Andreas Lindberg and guitarist Tomas Olsson, keyboard player Fredrik Bergh and SHAPE drummer Jon Persson joined by session singers Daniel Jonsson, Kristian Andren of TAD MOROSE and erstwhile MADISON, GLORY and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Göran Edman. Studio bass came courtesy of Mikael Bermer, of ROCK TOOLS, SAIGON and GLORY repute, and Jorgen Andersson. The 2000 follow up ‘Transition’ would find STREET TALK in a completely new guise with only Bergh and Edman surviving from the prior sessions. New faces included MADRIGAL and GALLEON guitarist Sven Larsson and a rhythm section of bassist Mikael Berner and drummer Christian Johansson.

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