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Spitalfield was an alternative rock band based in Glen Ellyn, Chicago and signed to the Victory Records label. Formed in 1998, Spitalfield caught the attention of Victory Records with the 2002 release of The Cloak And Dagger Club EP and a year later released fan-favorite Remember Right Now. Spitalfield also released an album titled Stop Doing Bad Things in 2005 which featured songs like "Gold Dust V. The State Of Illinois" and "So I heard You Joined a Convent". The band's name comes from what members describe as a village where Jack the Ripper came from. The name for this location is actually Spitalfields, and it is not a village but a section of London's East End. In the summer of 2005 Bassist T.J. Minich departed from the band and TJ Milici came on board to take his place. In August of 2006, guitarist Dan Lowder left the band under "Personal Reasons" and was replaced with Jeff Meilander (formerly of Seven Days of Samsara and Bosio). However Lowder is the gutarist on the October 2006 release Better Than Knowing Where You Are.


Top Songs

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    And I'll go, take a walk inside your head
    So that I can see your thoughts
    I'll try not to hold back
    But I'm thinking when you smile
    For your blue skies
    Those Days You Felt Alive  -  168,038 plays
    In my car
    Five days and counting, here you are
    The phone rings
    What more could you say?
    I know you won't ever admit that you fell for him
    Five Days And Counting  -  145,980 plays
    I'd really like to see you there
    I can't pretend like I don't care
    Because I really do, yeah.
    Please just kill the drama
    Go to sleep, we'll talk tomorrow.
    Kill The Drama  -  122,024 plays
    I work backwards from nowhere
    Don't opposites attract?
    I've got no friends and blank stares
    That could make my heart attack
    And I miss you, don't you miss me?
    Make My Heart Attack  -  112,483 plays
    I can't remember anything
    My thoughts are constantly moving
    Where will I be tomorrow
    Where will I be next year
    I'll never put my finger on, just what I wanted to say
    Stolen From Some Great Writer  -  110,665 plays
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