Special Ed

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1. Special Ed is the performing name of Edward Archer (born ca. 1973), an American hip hop musician.


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    I'm your idol the highest title numero uno
    I'm not a puerto rican but i'm speakin so that you know
    And understand i got the gift of speech
    And it's a blessin
    So listen to the lesson i preach
    I Got It Made  -  67,970 plays
  2. I'm the Magnificent  -  20,639 plays
    (think about it)--> rakim
    Sometime I wanna rhyme, but then again I must wait
    For the approaching of a toy toduce him to his fate
    Death, I always try to figure out why
    Sucker mc's wanna battle me when they know they will die
    Think About It  -  6,364 plays
  4. I Got It Made (Re-Recorded / Remastered)  -  3,769 plays
    [ VERSE 1 ]
    After I pose for the photos, address the press
    I take a rest to let my rhymes digest
    Into my brain to sustain and cultivate it
    Take a penny for my thoughts, from copper I gold-plate it
    Taxing  -  4,346 plays
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