Souljah was formed back in 1998. At first, it was named Arigatoo. Then along with the expanding music that Souljah made, Souljah decided to change the name to Souljah at 2005. With Arigatoo, Souljah did some compilation albums; one with Authority Records from Japan, titled Asian Ska Foundation in 2003 and the other was with Sony Music Indonesia, titled Ska Mania back in 2000. And in 2003, Arigatoo released full album titled Kami Bukan Perawan Lagi (We're Not Virgins Anymore). Later on, in 2005 Souljah released their first album, entitled "Breaking The Roots", with hit single Jamaica's Away. In 2007, Souljah released second album, titled "Bersamamu" (To Be With You), with hit single Bersamamu. For now, Souljah albums distributed only in Indonesia. But for you who live outside Indonesia, you can buy our songs at itunes.

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