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Sopor Aeternus

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    Hidden behind merciful shadows, beyond the cruel daylight,
    living to hunt and kill, we are the... damned children of the night.
    Dragging our immune existence through thousands of centuries
    and from dusk to dawn we suffer from our immortality.
    Hosts contaminate our tombs and crosses burn our skin,
    Dead souls - (7:03)  -  1,628 plays
  2. In Der Palästra - (7:09)  -  1,101 plays
  3. Hades »Pluton« - (6:13)  -  596 plays
    Now and then I'm scared, when I seem to forget how sounds become words or even sentences ... No, I don't speak anymore and what could I say, since no-one is there and there is nothing to say ...
    So, I prefer to lie in darkest silence alone ... listening to the lack of light, or sound, or someone to talk to, for something to share ...- but there is no hope and no-one is there.
    No, no, no ...- not one living soul and there is nothing (left) to say, in darkness I lie all alone by myself, sleeping most of the time to endure the pain.
    I am not breathing a word, I haven't spoken for weeks and yet the mistress inside me is (secretly) straining her ears. But there is no-one, and it seems to me at times that with every passing hour another word is leaving my mind ...
    I am the mistress of loneliness, my court is deserted but I do not care. The presence of people is ugly and cold and something I can neither watch nor bear.
    No-one is there - (6:41)  -  854 plays
    Today they've found another one,
    Lifeless on the cold subway-floor.
    His face was turned to his back ... -
    The same way the other died before.
    Drain the mortals to their last convulsion
    The Feast Of Blood - (2:39)  -  797 plays
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