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Mention folk music to the average listener and the list of usual suspects come to mind: Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Woodie Guthrie, etc. Talk to SOJA lead singer/guitarist Jacob Hemphill, however, and you’ll walk away with a different perspective. “To me, Rage Against The Machine, Wu -Tang Clan, Sade, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley – they’re all folk artists,” he says. “There’s no difference between Raekwon saying, ‘I grew up on the crime side, the New York Times side, where staying alive was no jive,’ to Bob Marley saying, ‘Cold ground was my bed last night and rock was my pillow, too,’ to Johnny Cash saying, ‘I know I had it coming, I know I can’t be free, but those people keep on moving (around) and that’s what tortures me.’ Folk is all about storytelling and passing on a legacy. It’s timeless, it’s limitless and it crosses all boundaries. That’s what this band is striving for. It’s a tall order,” he laughs, “but we’re making our way.”


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    I open my eyes, each morning I rise
    to find the truth I know that is there.
    I'm lucky to breathe, I'm lucky to feel,
    I'm glad to wake up, I'm glad to be here.
    With all of this world, and all of it's pain,
    Open My Eyes  -  268,149 plays
    Well, I had one by my side,
    but she only tried to get near me.
    And never ever knowing about my inside.
    But one that I hold is worth so
    much more to me if it's both body and mind.
    You Don't Know Me  -  188,120 plays
    I act like I left her, but I really beg her to stay.
    And the more that I press her is the more she slips away.
    Act like I don't need her but... Yo, you're necessary...
    Like ten days from now I won't see your face when I sleep.
    Act like I can hear, but Jah knows I'm deaf.
    By My Side  -  109,237 plays
  4. I Don't Wanna Wait  -  96,680 plays
    Baby I'm sorry
    For whatever it was I always did;
    The way it went down and it always is;
    The way that I am makes it all my fault?
    You know if I could change who I am right now
    Sorry  -  89,966 plays
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