Slumpark Correctional



Slumpark Correctional was started during the summer of 2003 by a group of metal musicians in the coastal city of Lattakia, Syria. A few jamming sessions between vocalist Samer Zaza, guitarist Skeeter, and drummer Sami Zreik and the band was pretty much on its way. However, it took many members in/out and 2 years until it successfully launched: after the recording of their first Ep, titled " Dreaming Underneath Destruction " along with the rock band "Mute" vocalists, Maya Mamich and Ali Khalil, the record recieved a lot of positive reviews from worldwide metal webzines such as Metal Storm and Metal Observer. Another spin and a new record with a totally different style after two members, Samer and Maya left the band for musical differences, featuring other "Mute" members Amer Kanaan (Bass) and Ziad Khalil (Guitar), " Classified As Scum " was released as online Demo that recieved record attention for a Middle Eastern band.and again Due to style differences, Amer and Ziad left the band shortly before the release.but still the band refuse to give up on music so A second Ep record titled F.T.U.N. was created by Skeeter and Ali alone after the drummer Sami traveled outside the country, F.T.U.N. was released in the Spring of 2007 including a cover of Seputura's Refuse\Resist and it was obviously that they've setlled with the Modern Thrash Metal style, with a tendency towards oriental tunes.

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