Sasha F


Sasha F is still only 31 but in his 13 years as a professional DJ he has shown a talent that has seen him DJ around the world as well as in his homeland Finland. He is now one of the wanted Hard Dance DJs from Finland. With a combination of superb technical mixing and a raw hard sound, normally Hardstyle / Hardcore and Hard Trance, he leaves each crowd begging for more. His DJ skills have been showcased throughout Finland where he, alongside other top Finnish DJs like Proteus and Orkidea, usually headlines the big gigs and he has residencies for both Fantasy and Millennium, two of Finlands biggest regular parties. Besides that he played at all the big tour nights of clubs such as Gatecrasher, Sundissential and Nukleuz when they have toured in Finland. Sasha F also plays on a regular base in Russia, Estonia, Thailand at the famous Full Moon parties, England at clubs such as Headcharge, Riff Raff,Harstyle united, Pickle, Kaned, Aura Orange, Logic, Escape From Samsara and Gods Kitchen, Germany at the Bridge and The Netherlands at the Illegal Vibes parties, Elusive, Confuion events, Orange events and Audio shock as well in Italy at Insound and Love Parade 2006. He was also one of only four DJs that was part of the Invasion Tour 2003 in America doing 20 gigs in 40 nights, coast to coast. He also has done well in the studio, producing tracks such as: -Floorcrushers vs Sasha F -Get hit -miinus more records -Rushtex Chainsaw massacre (Sasha F vs Ramp remix) -Gbh records -Get loose/ invicible -next chapter -Sasha f meets roughboyz -We are still Here -sigma records -S.T.A.F/Strongest poison -mythica records -Summer feelings/education -Next cHapter -Trauma -Sigma records -Blast that/belly off beast -Tersikore - do it -t3erecordings USa - Heaven above -bazz implant - Spirits & souls/ on fire -Butterfly experience - Hardstyle religion compilation, Saifam group - Stompin remix -Tunnel records - "Kong" - Aztec Records - "The Mentall EP" - DP Records - "The Finland EP" - Efadrine Records - "Haulikko" - Bass City Records - "From Hell EP" - on Dean Facers new label Reflective Records. - "Sasha F vs Justino - Along with the melody" Overlord Records Sasha F played alongside side some of the worlds best DJs including: Andy Farley, BK, Dean Facer, Oberon, Captain Tinrib, Lady Dana, Chris Liberator, Jeff Mills, Dan Baseley,Dark by design, Paul Glazby, John 00 Fleming, Kai Traccid, Sol Ray, Lisa Lashes, The Knuckleheadz, Chris C, AJ Gibson, Sarah G, Nick Sentience and LAB 4, Zany,Trilok & Chiren, Deepack, Prophet, trance generators, Brennan heart, Tatanka,Yoji Biomehanika, Zatox, Headhunterz, Alpha2, Pavo, evil activities, neophyte, angerfist, paul elstak, art off fighters, noize supressor and Pila to name a few. And finally if you are into Techno, Sasha F is a true technical wizard on three decks and FX playing Techno and won a recent play off between DJs from both Sweden and Finland. He is certainly a DJ to look out for. Most wanted & exclusive DJ / Producer! Most wanted & exclusive DJ / Producer! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.


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