Rucka Rucka ALI


Rucka Rucka Ali (born January 27, 1987) is an American rapper, radio personality, singer, lyricist, actor, comedian, and satirist most noted for his song parodies on Youtube. The song parodies ("I Can Do Whatever I'm White" and "Ching Chang Chong" accumulating the highest number of views, in the millions) are often race-based or culturally satirical. Many, therefore, have labeled Ali as a racist, although his humor seems heavily influenced by mainstream comedy television shows such as South Park, Family Guy, and Chappelle Show. He is also known for airing his song parodies on Detroit's Hot 102.7 WHTD, along with his segment "Rucka's Rant of the Week" in which Ali is known to complain with great passion about socially-relevant topics, most often Detroit's poverty. Ali has worked with MC Serch (frontman of rap group 3rd Bass, host of Vh1's Ego Trip's The White Rapper Show and Miss Rap Supreme) on MC Serch's radio program, Serchlite Saturdays, as well as on Serch's Youtube network, SerchliteTV. Rucka Rucka Ali is no longer affiliated with MC Serch.

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