Robert Curry


Robert Curry Aka Magnum A native of Detroit, Michigan, Magnum was born on September 3, 1984 to Delisa and Robert Curry. At the age of two, his family moved to Augsburg, Germany. As a child, Magnum spent most of his time in the church, since his father was a pastor. He expanded his musical background by directing the choir and participating in various vocal competitions.When Magnum was 11, his parents got a divorce. This left him with the decision to either stay in Germany with his father, or go to Detroit with his mother and sister. He chose a new life in Detroit. The adjustment from life in Germany to the Detroit lifestyle was a drastic change for him. However, Magnum started to understand and adapt to life in Detroit. One of the skills Magnum took with him to Detroit was his love of music. Instead of the gospel and Christian music, Magnum became interested in the world of Hip Hop; something he had not experienced in Germany. It was official, he had now stepped into the world of Hip- Hop and R&B.

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