Rival Schools

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Rival Schools is a Post Hardcore band from New York, United States that was formed in 1999 by members from several influential 80's and 90's hardcore bands (including Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, CIV, Youth Of Today, Burn, Project X, Judge, Moondog, Warzone, Side by Side and Iceburn). The band started from the ashes of a short lived project, World's Fastest Car which had Artie Shepard of Mind Over Matter and Bad Trip fame involved, but the project went no further than demos. Apparently Walter and Artie had a difference of opinions hence the split. Artie then started Errortype: 11.


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    Days of the conflicts you've been in
    Traces of conscience you don't want to hear
    You hear it now
    You listen, you hear a sound
    You missed it
    Used For Glue  -  256,860 plays
    Must have been a mistake
    While you make things hard for me
    I wouldn't hurt you at all if I didn't have to
    Give in it's our first fight
    But now that I see this side
    Travel By Telephone  -  178,028 plays
    In line, I long to be, inside your company.
    Good things are coming our way, I know they always have.
    In time, go far away, a place where we can go I know we will some day, our own
    Until then, I will lay inside, the Sun'll rise in time
    Don't be so selfless.
    Good Things  -  139,011 plays
    The day will come through
    It will only take some time
    Turning into a press on the matter
    Look for the reasons behind it all
    It will only take some time
    Everything Has Its Point  -  138,458 plays
    Crept on you like slowly
    But faster than you could see
    It's not like I noticed
    I would be the first one you let in
    Same person that you know would forget to be honest
    Undercovers On  -  137,337 plays
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