Rigor Sardonicous



Rigor Sardonicous started their activity in 1988 and that fact probably make them the oldest continually active US doom metal band. This band is notable for combining extreme doom metal with deathgrind. They are arguably one of the first bands in metal to use extremely deep gurgling vocals that are now common in goregrind. In other words, the music is a combination of thick, super downtuned guitars, ultra deep vocals, crushing industrial cymbals and absolutely unique, bleak and hopeless atmosphere.According to the interviews they are mainly influenced by slow parts & low frequency sounds of death metal bands like Autopsy, Obituary and Winter as well as by artists like Kiss, Trouble,Confessor and Symphony of Grief .Currently the band is writing a new album which is going to push the boundaries of heaviness and darkness again. On the official myspace they give the following description to their sound:"A far departure from the typical of the anticipated Doom culture, Rigor Sardonicous draws from truly Apocalyptic sources for their inspiration and forward into this void a sonic atmosphere not of frightened and depressive apprehension but rather of frightening, horrific bleakness drawn from the perspective of the absence of hope for all life."

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