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(For the English band, see The Rifles.)


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    If you're a new band breaking be aware cause she won't be far behind
    But if you've got no airplay she won't care and you better move aside
    Cause she'll be down south top ten in her mouth with the blink of an eye
    She'll be top draw on the backstage floor till the new band arrives
    Ooh she's got standards but your cool if you're at twenty five
    She's Got Standards  -  57,930 plays
    Jimmy was a local boy but he's seen much more than the change in the weather
    Sitting in a uniform of a three-piece suit and the ribbons from his past
    Looking for a little boy at the bar with the mouth who thinks his clever now
    Dreaming of a day that he goes home from a war to his childhood sweetheart
    Now he don't need anyone, there's no one there for him
    Local Boy  -  54,171 plays
    I don't see how another day's gonna make us change our minds
    So why don't we go separate ways and save us a bit of time
    We can't go on trying living behind this worn out and thin disguise
    I don't want to try talking it out I don't need another fight
    It just won't work when
    Peace & Quiet  -  52,463 plays
  4. Repeated Offender  -  43,313 plays
    She has a face to die for but nothing going on inside
    She'll never make your eyes sore until she starts to speak her mind
    So I just try to keep the conversation light
    Then in the morning at the door I'm sure we'll kiss goodbye
    Nothing wrong with that it's only one night and nothing else
    One Night Stand  -  45,147 plays
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