Rek The Heavyweight



Rek grew up in South Minneapolis raised in a household of music lovers, as well as his mother and father both being pianists - the music flowing through the house ranged from Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday to Steve Wonder and Earth Wind and Fire. Fast foward.....Derek would become Presto, one member (along with Saddiq) of the Breakin Angels and would his splash Popping and Breaking. 1983 would be the year that Presto would accept the moniker of REK and pen lyrics for the first time. He along with Minneapolis own King IXL and another peer named Omar, would form the Emcee Deejay crew called 3 tuh get Ready. The threesomes highlight would be opening for a Tribe Called Quest. 6 years later in 1989 he and Sean Daley would become D. Spawn and Sluggo and form Urban Atmosphere. The two would begin doing shows in 1993 and would brush shoulders with Gage S. Lockhart and Brent Sayers. Eventually passion and a concerted effort between Spawn, Slug, Ant, and Saddiq would result in a the classic release Overcast. The paths that lay ahead would result in Rek branching off to pursue his own artistic vision. The track Timeless was dug up, blown off and re-released as a homage and tribute to his past and remains moving even today. It is one of, if not the first notable tracks to define Rek's ear for beats and his production style. He dove into his roots, piano, hip-hop and soul music, and dedicated himself to the musical production and the sound of Hip-Hop.

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