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Reagan Youth is an American punk rock band started by singer Dave Rubinstein (Dave Insurgent) and his friend and guitarist Paul Bakija in Queens, New York City in early 1980. They are more commonly cited as an pivotal band in introducing the style of hardcore punk to the East Coast. Their name is a word play on Hitler Youth. An important group in the New York/New Jersey hardcore scene, they performed very regularly at CBGB and toured the U.S. extensively, often with other early punk bands such as the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains and Misfits. The Beastie Boys and Rancid, among other significant successful punk rock and alternative rock groups, have cited Reagan Youth as an influence.


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  1. Go Nowhere  -  110,229 plays
    We are the sons of Reagan heil
    We're gonna kill all pagans heil
    The right's our sacred mission
    We'll start an inquisition
    We're gonna purge the heathen kind
    Reagan Youth  -  137,037 plays
    The old bat says I have no manners
    Pardon me my manner is my own
    I might not climb the social ladder
    But I can climb the schoolyard fence
    Got no class
    No Class  -  109,472 plays
    Be proud that you're a white american
    Blond hair, bule eyes - a fine new aryan?
    Supremacy's the white man's burden?
    A final solution for all new aryans...
    Death to the nazis and the ku klux klan!
    New Aryans  -  106,315 plays
    This is goin' out to whoever wants to hear it.
    sittin' out in queens
    I was in a school yard doin' a lot of drugs like, mescaline and stuff.
    And ludes.
    Degenerated  -  109,138 plays
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