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Once upon a time (let's say 1999) there was a grrrl. (Let's call her Krawalla.) She used to live in a pretty untidy appartment (let's call it a räuberhöhle/robber cave). She was bored from time to time. “What should I do? Working?— Nooo. Studying?— Booooring! Become a popstar?—Hm, why not?”. A friend gave her a very little keyboard (let's say a Casio SA-11) which had a lot of cute sounds and drumbeats. So, she started to play on it like crazy and after a while, there were some little melodies. She recorded it, mixed it together and later she also sang on it. She got obsessed and started to collect more and more crappy childish instruments like stylophones, baby guitars, old computers (C64, Atari, Amiga...), synthies and everything that just can say “beep” or “toot”. She started her own website (let's say www.megapeng.net), uploaded her songs, and made them downloadable for everyone who wanted to hear it. After some years, she got responses. People asked for shows and all that, but since she was bored to death by the classical laptop shows, but on the other hand she was unable to play the instruments by herself and sing at the same time... she thought of a plan. “Why shouldn't I come up with a puppetshow that explains the story of the Krawallmädchen?”. She built up a small theatre called “Räuberhöhle” and asked her friend “The Bear” if he would go on tour with her and luckily s/he said yes! Since March of 2003, she and her friends are playing at every little or big place that she can reach. And she loves it! Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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  1. my heart bleeps noisy beeps  -  26,225 plays
  2. Casio destroy toy  -  10,371 plays
  3. Leave with chocolate  -  6,437 plays
  4. Aim Not R2r  -  6,078 plays
  5. Listen Boys  -  6,070 plays
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