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When they brought out their debut album in 1992, their first recording left no doubt that QNTAL were an act who would leave their mark on the music landscape. Their double best-of release "Purpurea" sees the trio present a wonderful retrospective, in premium packaging and full to the brim with all the highlights and remixes of their career to date. Combatants of the scene, journalists and fans bow to a band who have changed a lot and have become the spearheads of a musical movement. It's almost touching to read the comments that renowned musicians have made on the subject of QNTAL:


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    Tempus est iocundum, o virgines!
    Modo congaudete, vos iuvenes!
    Flos est puellarum, quam diligo,
    Et rosa rosarum, qua caleo.
    Tua me confortat promissio,
    Flamma  -  96,436 plays
    I must go walk the woods so wild,
    and wander here and there
    in dred and dedly fere,
    for where I trusted, I am begild,
    and all for one.
    All For One  -  82,722 plays
  3. Am Morgen Fruo  -  84,211 plays
    "Jedes Geschöpf auf Erden
    ist so, wie ein Buch und ein Bild,
    für uns ein Spiegel,"
    Omnis mundi creatura
    quasi liber et pictura
    Name Der Rose  -  74,407 plays
    Scribere proposui de contemptu mundano
    ut degentes seculi non mulcentur in vano
    iam est hora surgere
    a sompno mortis pravo
    a sompno mortis pravo
    Ad Mortem Festinamus  -  73,298 plays
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