Pure Prairie League

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Pure Prairie League (PPL) is one of the earliest and most successful country rock bands in history. Pure Prairie League and the Eagles are two groups often credited with bringing the country rock genre to a national music audience, with PPL being best known for their iconic 1972 hit "Amie". Having a frequently melodic, ballad-driven sound, PPL's roots can be found in Waverly, Ohio. In that city, from about 1964 to 1969, guitarist/singer-songwriter Craig Fuller, drummers Tom McGrail and Jim Caughlan, and pedal steel phenom John David Call all resided. The guys played in various bands together in their teen years, among them The Swiss Navy and The Omars.


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    I can see why you think you belong to me
    I never tried to make you think or let you see
    One thing for yourself
    But now you're off with someone else and I'm alone
    You see, I thought that I might keep you for my own
    Amie  -  310,525 plays
    More than I could feel
    And touching what is real
    All my mind is reelin' round
    'cause Carolina's feeling down today
    Falling in and out of Love  -  63,314 plays
  3. Let Me Love You Tonight  -  37,135 plays
    Early morning riser
    I can still feel all your sunlight shine before the dawn
    First light morning feeling's got me losing so much sleep
    I just can't say how much I miss you when you're gone
    ‘Cause I get a feeling something like a summer wind
    Early Morning Riser  -  26,983 plays
  5. Two Lane Highway  -  25,455 plays
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