Primer 55

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Primer 55 is an American nu metal band from Louisville, Kentucky. The name originates from the combination of Primer, meaning "something that's unfinished," and 55, which refers to Interstate 55, "the road that drugs run on to get to Chicago through Memphis".


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    Here I come with the new style kicking
    Just can't help it, 'cause it's so damn wicked
    Insane in the brain with a mind like Cujo
    Ya better run, 'cause I'm about to get loco
    Feelin' this way is an everyday thing, see
    Loose  -  98,031 plays
  2. This Life  -  82,734 plays
    First time you ever talked to me
    You say you just wanna do me
    Yeah right go ahead talk shit
    'Cause I know that ass could be toxic
    So what I go ahead anyway
    Supa Freak Love  -  40,533 plays
    {Rep rep reprive
    Rep rep reprive, what?
    Rep rep reprive}
    Another mutha fuckin' pig talkin' shit tryin' to teach me a lesson
    Another fuckin' point about the way I'm dressin'
    Pigs  -  36,467 plays
    Everyday is the same thing
    Another kid shot down by the gang bang killer
    On the prowl just sizin' up
    As the body counts keep rizin' up yeah
    I ain't down with that G shit
    G's  -  33,293 plays
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