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Powerwolf is a power metal/heavy metal band, formed by the brothers Charles Greywolf and Matthew Greywolf in Germany. The band spent a lot of time doing nothing until they met up with a Romanian vocalist called Attila Dorn. Attila Dorn came from a classical background, when he met up with the Greywolf brothers he expressed an interest in metal and followed them back to Germany which is when Powerwolf took off.


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    Oh mother God we hold the sword in holy times
    We are the war, we never see the light
    The order call, we all will take more human wine
    And we toast to the night
    We fold our hands, we keep the bible in our minds
    We Drink Your Blood  -  394,500 plays
    Satani, Satani, in amus dignita
    Satani, Satani, evade retro sagitta
    We came to fight in the army of Christ
    Armed with a fist full of steel
    Send to inferno the demons allied
    Sanctified With Dynamite  -  331,818 plays
    We wait for the call
    To break down the wall
    To fight for the end of days
    We conquer the land
    The Bible in hand
    Raise Your Fist, Evangelist  -  233,925 plays
    When purgatory's waiting
    And the girl immaculate
    The highest of commandments dictates to copulate
    No grave is animated, you're buried all alone
    So let her work a wonder
    Resurrection By Erection  -  211,903 plays
  5. Die, Die, Crucified  -  200,620 plays
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