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Popa Chubby (Theodore Joseph Horowitz, born 31. March 1960 in New York) is a New York blues singer and guitar player. His angry and aggressive style of blues is influenced heavily by Willie Dixon. Like Jerry Lewis, he is more popular in France than the U.S.


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    I said stoop down baby
    Lay your love down low x2
    Got no need for talkin no how
    Ain't nowhere to go
    I said stoop down baby
    Stoop down baby  -  37,480 plays
    Sweet goddess of love and beer
    Baby baby I want you to know
    How much I love you
    How far I'd go
    Just to be with you
    Sweet Goddess Of Love And Beer  -  35,448 plays
    Morning rain keep on falling
    like the tears falling from my eyes
    as I sit in my room
    staring out at the gloom
    lord, it's the rain and the same old blues
    Same Old Blues  -  26,958 plays
    I was born down in Dallas
    Raised up in the city of wind
    Spent a month of Sundays
    Talkin' about the places I have been
    Played the blues in England
    Palace Of The King  -  23,128 plays
  5. I Can't See the Light of Day  -  23,040 plays
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