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In January 2010, the band announced that they are heading back into the studio to record a new album, which is titled War of Angels, scheduled to be released in February 8th, 2011.[1]


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    Turn back on the broken hearted
    Some things are just meant to be
    I still believe that we got a chance
    I still believe that we got a chance to be
    Too much is never enough
    100 In A 55  -  158,432 plays
  2. Last Man Standing  -  105,744 plays
    I'm barely breathing
    I'm barely alive
    When did yours come tumblin down?
    Your actions speak louder
    Than all of the thunder
    Hero  -  93,100 plays
    I've been counting all my steps, all my no's just turned to yes.
    Silently I must confess, my troubled history.
    That's washed away all my sins, starting over once again
    This is where it all begins, It's right in front of me
    Down is not where I belong, this aching heart won't turn to stone
    Footsteps  -  115,996 plays
    I can't get away with murder
    I am bound to take it further
    I took the pills, I've been consumed
    I drank the water, I had to choose
    I'm still here with a fire burning, burning inside
    Deal with the Devil  -  86,060 plays
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