Pete Best


Pete Best is the son of Mona Best, the woman who started a club in Liverpool at the end of the 50s. The Beatles played there a bit, and before Beatles left to Hamburg, they had to get a new drummer. That was Pete Best. He played with them until Beatles were supposed to record a single at George Martin's studio in London. Martin thought that Pete didn't fit in the group, for Pete was quiet and introverted while the Beatles were more fun loving and loud. Also he felt Best lacked the quality to be a good drummer, thus initially suggesting hiring a session drummer for the recording of their first album. When this was suggested to Beatles' manager Brian Epstein and the group, however, the choice fell on Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr who was recruited from rival band Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. Ringo was already friends with The Beatles from their joint time in Hamburg, where he frequently sat in for Best in his absence. Ringo was because of all this deemed to be a better suited drummer for The Beatles and Best was subsequently fired.

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