Pélico thinks he can write, sing and play guitar. He has two CDs released, but the critics are still silent about them. Right now he is concluding his third album, in which he is joined on the drums by Loco Sosa (who also plays with Los Pirata and Gork) and on the bass by Jesús Sanchez (idem). On the stage, he also consorts with Régis Damasceno, from the Cidadão Instigado group. His music is neither revolutionary nor a mix of influences. He sings in portuguese, but doesn't make Brazilian Popular Music. He makes an ugly face, but is not a rocker. Plays badly, but is not indie. He's misunderstood, but is not a genius. Neither is he the son of any celebrity; he hasn't set off any musical study with anyone special. Pélico wasn't a Boy Wonder, never played in any band and hasn't developed any work with anyone known. No "almost famous" have re-recorded his songs and he hasn't won any festival. He hasn't toured the world, neither the country. In summary, Pélico is ready for success.

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